Here’s Why This Bedding Company Expanded Into the Hyper-Competitive World of Online Mattresses (Podcast)

August 29, 2019 1 min read Every day, it seems a new direct-to-consumer mattress brand pops up. In fact, the number of online mattress-in-a-box companies is currently upwards of 150 and climbing. Most offer low prices -- following the cheap-to-produce blueprint made popular by O.G. market disruptor Casper -- but Boll & Branch goes the other direction. Their mattress is more expensive than most, but the company isn’t so much trying to compete in the current space, as they are trying to re-disrupt it altogether. Related: Here's What Bob Saget Has Learned After Decades of Making People Laugh (Podcast) On this episode of How Success Happens, we talk with Boll & Branch’s married co-founders Scott and Missy Tannen. We discuss how their brand thrives in an extremely competitive market, not only due to their obsession with quality, but also by placing a real emphasis on product transparency. As it turns out, customers really do care where their mattresses come from.

Weekly Briefing: Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament puts anti-No Deal MPs on the spot

Weekly Briefing: Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament puts anti-No Deal MPs on the spotThis is the fifth of a series of weekly briefings Open Europe will publish analysing key Brexit, UK and EU developments. The post Weekly Briefing: Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament puts anti-No Deal MPs on the spot appeared first on Open Europe.

Even in uncertain times like these, cash is still a bad idea for investors,...

Cash is still not the answer, despite looming economic uncertainty, according to UBS. "We believe that investors can keep their investment strategies on track for the long term even in the current uncertain times without retreating to cash," UBS global chief investment officer Mark Haefele said in a note to clients Wednesday. Economic uncertainty reigns as the trade war between the U.S. and China has placed increasing strain on the global economy, prompting policymakers to respond with interest rate cuts and stimulus measures to bolster growth. Investors are searching for safe havens amid the uncertain landscape; however, Haefele said a retreat into cash is not the solution. "A high allocation to cash over the longer term increases the risk that investors will fail to achieve their financial goals," he wrote. Instead, the firm recommends a broad range of defensive strategies to protect long-terms gains, such as high and sustainable dividend stocks and gold. "Dividend investing is a ..

NBA star-turned-businessman Shaq reveals the worst investment he ever made

Basketball legend-turned-business mogul Shaquille O'Neal told CNBC on Wednesday about the worst investment he ever made. O'Neal mentioned an unnamed paper company that allegedly promised him fraudulent deals. A guy who owned this paper company said he had all these deals in all the schools and with the government. ... Turned out to be a scam, " he said on "Power Lunch. " While the former basketball star has led a successful career as an investor since retiring from the NBA in 2011, he said it wasn't an easy transition. O'Neal admitted that when he was younger, he used to invest in businesses that "turned out to be a scam." "When I first came into [the business industry], I lost a lot of money in the 'get rich quick schemes.'" he said. O'Neal added that "from [age] 19 to 26, anybody could come to my office, tell me the deal and I would take it right away. No research. No due diligence." However, after having learned from his past mistakes, the four-ti..

Italy edges toward a left-wing coalition government with Conte back as leader

VIDEO3:4003:40Italian 10-year yields hit three-year low on coalition 'progress'Squawk Box EuropeChanging governments is not a new phenomenon in Italy. The country has seen 66 different governments since World War II, an unfortunate feature that has made it very difficult for any one government to introduce sustained reforms and boost Italy's long-languishing productivity. However, in the last week investors have cheered the prospect of a new coalition being formed between two parties from the political left: the populist and originally anti-establishment Five-Star Movement (M5S) and the more European-friendly PD (Democratic Party). Ten-year Italian bond yields have hit fresh three-year lows, breaking through a 200 basis point yield differential to Germany on the anticipation of a more Europhile Italian government as well as another potential round of quantitative easing from the European Central Bank in September, which would also be supportive for bonds. But M5S leaders..

Here are the biggest analyst calls of the day: Monster, JetBlue & more

Here are the biggest calls on Wall Street on Wednesday: Deutsche said investors should buy the airline's stock and that it had a "good" balance sheet and "solid" market position among other things. "Recent pullback in JBLU share price provides an attractive entry-point, in our view, as the stock is currently trading at 6.8x our 2020 EPS estimate of $2.40 or two standard deviations below its 10-year forward P/E average of 10.4x. Additionally, we think the name has attributes that should help mitigate the impact of growing trade disputes and/or weaker GDP growth: good balance sheet, solid market position, primarily domestic operator and costs under control as it is on track to achieve it flat to 1% 2018 - 2020 CASM CAGR goal. " Credit Suisse said the Reign performance energy drink was showing "mixed" trends. "We reiterate our Outperform rating and move Monster to our Top Pick following price depreciation of 15% from July. Reign's primary objective—to arrest share gains at Ban..